A unique design hotel in Montreal


An exceptional aesthetic 

Boxotel was designed by Marie-Jeanne Rivard, a Québec-based designer/contractor well known for her media appearances and her many successful collaborations. In 2016, Marie-Jeanne took on the challenge of building a hotel that respected basic design codes (form and function) and whose practices aimed to reduce its energy impact.

Rough concrete walls, long columns, and exposed pipes… the truly unique aesthetic appeals to everyone who loves industrial and minimalist decor. A profusion of green plants and various decorative elements illustrating life in Montreal adds a pleasant warmth to the atmosphere to create a living space where you instantly feel good.

Each of the twenty rooms offers modular furniture that lets you recreate spaces for work or relaxation according to your desires: retractable beds and sofas, standing desks, folding tables and chairs. You’ll love it!

A hotel awarded for its engagement towards sustainability 

Boxotel strives to continually find new ways of reducing its ecological footprint to respond to an environmentally conscious clientele. We were rewarded for our eco-friendly commitment and practices in 2020 with the Prix Distinction Tourisme Montréal (sustainable development category). A great pride for the team!

As a sustainable hotel, Boxotel supports local artisans, companies, and products by incorporating them into the establishment and thereby giving these Montreal-area companies an additional showcase.

This emphasis on underconsumption, both in terms of energy and materials, is reflected in the options included: 

  • The housekeeping and towel and sheet replacement are not done daily (only as an option) during the same stay.
  • Natural and eco-friendly products and soaps are available in dispensers.
  • The automation of the temperature, light, and curtain controls helps minimize the entire hotel’s energy consumption. 
  • Eco-friendly construction, maximizing the south-facing windows, and heated concrete floors: a winning energy-efficient combination that allows for indoor temperature control, combining passive solar, thermal mass, and home automation for total comfort.
  • Email billing to eliminate paper waste. 
  • The inclusion of a recycling bin and a compost container in each room to eliminate paper and plastic waste.