A New Type of Hotel For A New Clientele

Time changes and people’s needs as well. Modular, modern and efficient, Boxotel accommodations answer to a clientele in transit wishing to settle in and nest: the room adapts to the visitor and not the other way around.

Adding to the experience is the automation of many functions such as lighting, curtains and room temperature. These attributes create a unique and personalized stay for complete comfort and relaxation.

Eco-friendly, Modern and Local

Boxotel is constantly searching for new ways to lower its carbon footprint in order to satisfy a clientele who cares likewise about responsible tourism and sustainable travel.

We are proud recipients of two great distinctions related to sustainable development:

Boxotel focuses on the under-consumption of energy and material by:

  •  Complimentary housekeeping once per week with a daily option for an additional fee.
  •  Natural, vegan and eco-friendly soaps and beauty products in distributors instead of individually-packaged bars and bottles.
  •  Home-automation system for control of room temperature, curtains and lighting.
  •  Ecological construction: large, sun-oriented windows and heated concrete floors are the winning combination for energy efficiency. The combination of passive solar, thermal mass and home automation allow effective internal temperature control for complete comfort.
  •  E-mail invoicing and digital communications to reduce paper waste.
  •  A recycling bin and a compost bin in each room help to reduce environmental pollution. Boxotel is certified by Compost Montreal for its' composting efforts.

The boutique-hotel encourages local artists, craftsmen, enterprises and products by integrating them into Boxotel for additional exposure and support.