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Tissé Serré
12 Jul 2018 - 3 Sep 2018

Draw and fill the page!


Airelle rediscovered drawing during a period of inactivity. She drew from morning to night as a way to free her mind and pass the time. She picked up her childhood habit of sketching people, objects and shapes, like we’ve all done on a note pad while talking on the phone. Airelle still draws, but this time with a difference. Following a friend’s suggestion, she now makes drawings that fill the entire page. Using different coloured ballpoint pens, she follows her intuition, with no set plan or intention to draw anything specific. To date, Airelle has filled more than 225 pages of various sizes, including about 20 in 18 x 24-inch format. She is now developing her skills to create fantasy characters that are entirely intuitive and spontaneous. Her imagination is limitless.


In 2007, by chance, the artist discovered 3D glasses for drawing. These increase the effect of perspective and depth depending on the arrangement of various colours, and have since become one of Airelle’s creative tools, as well as an object of curiosity for viewers. These glasses bring out a wider range of details while also creating the illusion of looking at the drawing through thick glass. 


Aluminium plates


The works are digitized and printed on transparent film, then laminated on an aluminum plate. Transparency and depth are dramatically enhanced, and the glossy effect makes the work look like varnished copper. In lighter areas, the aluminum is visible through the drawing. The work is now finished and ready to be exhibited without risking any alteration of colour through light exposure, as is often the case with works on paper. 


Tissé Serré is the latest piece to have been laminated on an aluminum plate. It evokes the subconscious, a dream-like universe, and is composed of a multitude of bubbles containing numerous scenes, all more or less related, and fascinating characters with whom we can interact. Tissé Serré suggests the tiny worlds in everyone that collide with each other to create a web.