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Panoramas & Fragments
12 Jul 2017 - 3 Sep 2017

Curated by Lorraine Simms for 175 B


This exhibition features two-dimensional works by Yechel Gagnon and Sebastien Worsnip. Both artists explore the language of abstraction to create works strongly suggestive of landscape. Although widely diverse, their art practices both engage processes of layering to create intriguing interplays of space and matter. The result of this pairing is a dialogue that explores the contrasts between solid matter and ephemeral space, panoramas and fragments.

Yechel Gagnon constructs and then strips back solid layers of plywood to reveal abstract compositions that echo natural forms. First, she creates her own plywood panels, staining each layer with a predetermined palette. She then carves through the layers, rediscovering and exposing these colours in new shapes and combinations. Her works play with our perceptions, simultaneously evoking vistas and fragments, aerial views and close-ups of rivers and plains. Gagnon’s intimacy with her materials, her attention to craft, creates a synergy that allows these possibilities to co-exist easily in her works. Her works seem to be the result of natural processes of erosion.

Sebastien Worsnip layers transparent washes of colour and opaque geometric forms to create paintings that conjure the invisible forces of wind, atmosphere and explosions. In his works forms seem animated, propelled with force or languorously billowing across ephemeral vistas. Worsnip paints intuitively, balancing the accidental processes of staining, pouring, and dripping paint with the controlled actions of drawing and stencilling. His rich colour palette is informed by details of images or objects viewed and collected in everyday life. Worsnip’s paintings seem ephemeral, just out of reach, and yet always haunted by feelings of familiarity, evoking the sense of a space or place once viewed.